LUNDAIR’s air distribution system means quick freezing in combination with good freezing economy.

The patented air distribution system gives excellent heat transfer between the products and the circulating airflow, regardless of how many freezing compartments are used. Freezing takes place at about -40°C, and only one compressor is needed to maintain this temperature giving a low production cost per unit. The quick start-up time means low energy consumption. Normally, no defrosting is needed.

The freezer is very easy to use. Sensors indicate when bags and ampoules are placed in the freezer. The freezing time is checked automatically and the control panel shows when the products have been in the freezer long enough to achieve desired freeze cycle time. A  core temperature of -30°C in a 300 ml bag is achieved in approx 35 minutes, while 600 ml bags and ampoules take about 45 minutes. The freezing times comply with international regulations.

The freezer has an ergonomically working height. The bags are easy to reach and it is simple to remove the frozen products. Since the freezer is made of stainless steel, it is easy to keep clean. The water-cooled condenser does not heat the room, since heat is removed with the cooling water. The freezer can also be connected to a water recirculation system for air conditioning. As an alternative to the water-cooled system it is possible to use an air cooler.