We have built more than 175 freezers for blood banks in ten countries.

Some of our customers: 

Skåne University Hospital in Lund-Malmö, Sweden
Karolinska University Hospital in Stockholm, Sweden
Ullevål University Hospital in Oslo, Norway  
Rigshospitalet Copenhagen University Hospital, Denmark 
North Estonian Regional Hospital in Tallin, Estonia

More than 20 freezers in Poland.

A user review

What people say?

Our LUNDAIR-freezers model LF-24 give us much more flexibility than our previous freezer thanks to the system with separate freezing time for each bag.
The display gives us an immediate picture of the situation without having to open the lid. The freezers are very easy to operate.
They reach operation temperature in about 15 minutes and they are incredibly simple to defrost. Previously the defrosting took a weekend for a service engineer, now we are defrosting once a week just by turning a switch!

The noise level of our LUNDAIR-freezers is very low compared to our previous installation that consisted of a silicon bath with a separate refrigeration unit. It is also a great advantage to have the complete freezer on wheels compared to stationary installations.

It is good to know that the freezers are manufactured of dependable standard components, should they, contrary to expectations, need service!
The LUNDAIR-freezers are outstanding, the play in a class of their own!